Know Your Rights

In the initial consultation, our clients can expect to a have plain and direct discussion of the merits of claims and possible defenses and an exploration of available options, including any possibility that the matter might be addressed initially without involvement of a lawyer, or with settlement discussions or with mediation. Making it possible for a client to fully understand his or her situation and the available means to address it is one of the most valuable services we provide, since that relieves in most cases the substantial stress of the uncertainties involved in a dispute.

Many conflicts can be managed and resolved by individuals having proper guidance without the need for continuing representation after an initial consultation.  If necessary or otherwise desired, representation can be provided for negotiations or for the use of procedures that might avoid the time and expense of a lawsuit in court.  If litigation cannot be avoided, efforts at settlement are continued to attempt an agreement through mediation or other means to seek a prompt outcome acceptable to the client that minimizes the fees and costs of what could be lengthy and expensive court proceedings.