Many cases can be resolved quickly and fairly through mediation, which is a method of settlement negotiation assisted by a trained neutral facilitator. We assist clients in the presentation of their claims and the negotiation of resolution in mediation conferences. David T. Lopez’s specialized training and experience are not only available to assist a party in a mediation as an advocate, but also are available to parties in a dispute who utilize Lopez as a mediator, by direct agreement, or by referral by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) or the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR), in the case of international disputes. Lopez is fluent in Spanish and familiar with both common law, as utilized in the United States, and the civil law in use in many foreign countries.

When serving as a mediator, Lopez encourages the parties to prepare a detailed summary of their position, based on suggestions made by Lopez.  The parties are encouraged to exchange their summaries, with redaction if necessary, and provide an unredacted copy to Lopez in advance of a mediation conference.  Whether or not the parties submit written summaries, Lopez will conduct separate telephone calls with counsel for the parties before the mediation conference.  The mediation conference is conducted in the form best suited to the positions described by the parties, and particular attention is directed at restoring a productive relationship between the parties.